Promotions procedure.

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Promotions procedure.

Post  Rakshiri on Sat Feb 23, 2008 2:47 pm

As Follows:

Initiate - Member: Register on Forum and w/ the GM, 2nd in command or council leader with your age / sex / country / professions (this allows us to be a more social guild and easily be able to interact with others either Older/younger and allows us to see who can produce what (we all need to help each other out afterall) the details will be added to player info on the guild panel (whan you press o on your keyboard)

Member - Devotee: Donating Gold and Items to the guild bank (the gold goes towards armour repairs, another bank tab, items and materials for the guild as a whole)

Devotee - Officer: Members who help out lower levels, have donated to guild bank (and still do :-p) and who show dedication toward the guild

Officer - Council: Council will be chosen by the guild master, 2nd in command and the council leader! this will be based upon the officers who have shown alot of dedication to the guild, helps out others, organises events and shows a pure interest in the running of the guild

Council - Council Leader:Council Leader will ONLY be chosen by the guild master and the 2nd in command (this is based on the member who has shown the most initiative out of the council members and has organising skills and potential to assist us in becoming a big fun and social guild!!

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