Guild storage Information.

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Guild storage Information.

Post  Rakshiri on Sat Feb 23, 2008 2:46 pm

The guild bank is only available to Members (so please register)
You may only take out one item per day, as long as you have a use for it (if you take out items which you have no need for, you will be kicked)
If you require more of an item or some specific items, please inform the GM, 2nd in C or the CL, we shall be more than happy to get it for you

At The Moment:

Please donate Gold and Items To The Guild Bank
Send All CLoth Not Needed By Yourselves To bogcloth (that is the name of a character to keep space available in the guild bank) If you need cloth for tailoring / first aid, please ask the GM (im the only one who has access to it)
All Other Items, Please Put Into The Guild Bank (BUT NO GREY ITEMS PLEASE)
Please use your professions as a way of raising money for the guild as well as levelling your professions (afterall, were all helping each other)

WHEN THE BANK BECOMES FULL: If we have not raised enough money for a second guild tab, other characters will be made to use as storage for particular items, i.e librarian for books, alchemist for alchemy and so on

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