Burdo the down right dirty

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Burdo the down right dirty

Post  Burdoch on Wed May 28, 2008 12:59 am

Born to Gramilda Dirtpile in the lower depths of IronForge, Burdo spent his youth scouring the taverns, making friends easily with the drunks and enjoying large consumptions of free alcohol.

By the time he was eight his father, Nomrod the Delerious went off to battle the Horde... so Burdo had to abandom his pursuits in drunkeness and start work. After many short careers he settled down in the noble art of highway robbery, calling himself Short Shaft Sid. It was during this time that he began to hunt wild animals in the woods and discovered a natural ability for murdering trolls, troggs and defias.

When the call to arms was announced he took the offer of amnesty and persude a career in fighting evil and looting the dead... of which there were many after Burdo came calling.. It was on such a looting raid that Burdo came across a caged white snow leopard. He took said animal and trained it to be his fighting companion. He called it Paws, after the animals principal weaponry.

To this day Burdo & Paws roam the wild lands and wild taverns seeking wealth and high adventure.


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